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I am participating in a Group Exchange Program sponsored by Rotary International in Sao Paulo/ Santos, Brazil. Follow me as I journey through this beautiful land!

24 May 2009

One week down....

Wow, it has truly been an amazing week! I have met so many wonderful people and had experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. This week has taught me a lot about others, but much about myself. I am constantly amazed at how life works. It has been my prayer to be international for a long time now.... I know many would say that I am at the beginning of my journey, I agree. But I know that there is a calling on my life to reach many. I embrace this call and pray for the skills necessary to complete my task. I would like to thank my husband, Patrick for his support. None of this would be possible without him! He is definitely my rock.

Last night, we went to a Samba club and boy were the people moving. There was beautiful mix of people of every hue! Several people even thought I was Brazilian!! I love the fact that nationality supersedes ethnicity here! Everyone is one! The music was wonderful and the people dance beautifully!

The week could not have ended on a better note.... My host sister--Monica Geromel(who is drop-dead gorgeous) scheduled an opportunity for me and the rest of my team to have massages this morning! It was just what I needed. Then we were off to Embu, a small city outside of Sao Paulo with great "shoppings"(as the locals say) of native hand-crafted goods. It is autumn here but the weather is perfect.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of having dessert at the home of Renato and Regina Rodrigues(Monica's sister and her husband). Regina works for Visa and Renato is a Policeman who works in Communications. He participated in a Exchange program to America when he was younger. It was a joy to be in their home, which over looks the city. I was treated like royalty and dined on several different desserts. I really like the Ricotta Cake--it was simply delicious! Also, they gave me a gift for being in their home! Can you believe that?


  1. Looks like you're having a great time. What a wonderful opportunity!!!!

  2. Yes, I am having a wonderful time. Everyone is so nice and very happy to share their culture with us! Thank you for following my travels!

  3. The pictures are great, Crystal. Thanks for posting them!

  4. EMBRACE IT!! This IS just the beginning for you two. Eyes have not seen.......