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I am participating in a Group Exchange Program sponsored by Rotary International in Sao Paulo/ Santos, Brazil. Follow me as I journey through this beautiful land!

17 May 2009


India.Arie said it best... "I want to go to place where mountains high enough to echo my song."

Being here in Brazil, even for this short period of time has changed my life forever. For so long, I have wanted to be an international traveler and now I am! Meeting with the Rotary Host Families of Brazil was a most memorable occasion. Everyone is so nice and open! The land is so densely populated. There are people everywhere!

My host family is amazing.! Renato, Monica, and Rafael. I experienced my first churasirra! OMG so much food, I cannot explain. I will not be able to eat for days!! haha.

I am so blessed to have this wonderful opportunity. I am very tired now and must retire. Please stay tune!

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