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I am participating in a Group Exchange Program sponsored by Rotary International in Sao Paulo/ Santos, Brazil. Follow me as I journey through this beautiful land!

23 May 2009

International Traveler

Well... it has been a busy couple of days and I have not had time to share my travels with you. Since my last post, I have attended several Rotary functions to include a 6th anniversary, club induction, and weekly meeting. I have also visited the following: Sao Paulo Central Market, "Center of Sao Paulo(this is where the city began), 25 de Marche(a locals shopping area), more wonderful Rotary projects and purchased my first pair of Havaianas(very popular flip-flops made in Brasil).

I have also eaten some amazing food! I have tried new things and like many of them. I have decided to share the past couple a days with pictures of my travels.

Bom noite!


  1. Are you turning Hollywood on us, Crystal? LOL

  2. LOL! No, but sometimes it feels like we are famous! At the Rotary meetings, everyone was to take our picture!